#5: Stoic Enlightenment, Future Anxiety, and How to Reframe Loss

Plus an amazing conversation between Donald Robertson and Massimo Pigliucci

🏹 Stoic Wisdom Arrows

🔮 How to Think About Future Uncertainty: Many of us want to try and be prudent about the future, but who determines what is prudent and what isn’t? In this post, I break down Epictetus’ views on how to think about the future in uncertain times. Read it here.

⚡️ The 3 Stages to Stoic Enlightenment: In this podcast lesson, I cover the three levels of expertise when working with desire and aversion from novice to Sage. Listen here.

☀️ The Marcus Aurelius Morning Meditation That Prepared his Mind for Action: This is a free lesson taken from my premium Stoic relationships course which explains how Marcus Aurelius prepared his mind for encounters with difficult people. Listen here.

🎙️ Editor’s Pick: Donald Robertson Chats to Massimo Pigliucci About Socrates, Stoicism, and Leadership

♟️ Featured Stoic Tactic

“Under no circumstances ever say ‘I have lost something,’ only ‘I returned it.’ Did a child of yours die? No, it was returned. Your wife died? No, she was returned. ‘My land was confiscated.’ No, it too was returned.”

— Epictetus

Never say the following sentence:

“I have lost something.”

Instead, replace the word “lost” with “returned” and say:

“I have returned something.”

(Learn more about this tactic here.)

✍️ Journal Prompt

I have personally found journalling to be an incredible transformational tool and that’s why I included an entire psychological writing section in Stoic Anxiety Mastery. I’ve used journalling to overcome trauma, deal with challenging stressors, and think more with more reason, thereby reducing suffering.

In a recent book I read called Healing From Hidden Abuse, author Shannon Thomas says the most important journalling question she has her students/clients answer is the following:

What is a high quality life for me?

It’s a very open question, and you can go in many different directions. I encourage you to set aside some time this week and see what comes up as you journal in response to this question.

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